There’re so many creative peoples making beautiful jewelry with roses in it. There’re plenteously of nature motifs in jewelry and fashion, but there’s something distinct about having actual pieces of bark and moss or dried flowers in your accessories. The Oregon-based talented artist Sarah Smith, behind Modern Flower Child, generates hand-made resin bracelets, bangles and earrings by incessantly preserving real feathers, flowers, seashells and other lovely bits and pieces of nature in hard, crystal-clear resin.


Sarah writes that it can take her two to three weeks to complete a single piece – “from design, to pouring resin, curing, to shaping the piece“. Luckily, she does take custom orders, and can generate bracelets or bangles from plants or other decorative elements sent in by clients as well. Bridal bouquets, anniversaries, special moments and places are what I am thinking! Hmm, it looks like the souls of the flowers are sealed within “Frozen” is a very good-looking contrast compared to the essence of flowers which is to fade away. Almost like immortalizing the Ephemeral. If you like her work, then check out her work at their website

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Originally posted 2015-02-11 20:39:53.


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