Wildlife French photographer Sylvain Cordier, stumbled upon the magnificent moment when he takes an opportunity to capture the family of polar Bears set against an absolutely stunning sunset.

Most of the photographers wish to capture polar Bears within natural snowy surroundings. But more often they couldn’t get a chance. Sylvain Cordier, spent 3 weeks in a boat and than finally able to capture two large cubs and there mother around and photographing there everyday lives.


As they sit tranquility and waiting for sunset. It appears three Bears had become accustomed to the sounds of photographer camera. These images are really beautiful when vibrant sunset is the ideal time for the backdrop of massive creatures. Sylvain Cordier sharing his experience in these words; in the evening time. 

I got to about 6.30pm when sunset was imminent I positioned my boat in the hope of bears would come in the right direction and luckily it would happen same as I thought, the atmosphere was absolutely outstanding. I recognized this would be my best wildlife experience.

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Originally posted 2017-07-18 17:35:34.


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