The banana is very useful in inflammation of all kinds. For this reason it is very helpful in cases of typhoid fever, gastritis, peritonitis, etc. It may constitute the only food acceptable for a time. Not only does it in fact subdue the inflammation of the intestines, but, in the opinion of at least one authority, as it consists of 95%. Nutriment, it does not possess adequate waste matter to irritate the inflamed spots.
But immense care should be taken in its administration. The banana should be carefully sound and ripe, and the whole stringy portion carefully removed. It should then be mashed and beaten to a cream. In harsh cases it is better to give this neat. But if not liked by the patient a little lemon juice, well mixed in, may render it more suitable. It may also be taken with fresh cream.
There is a person who had a very wide experience in illness. That she was once suddenly sent for at night to a girl suffering from peritonitis. Not knowing what she might, or might not; find in the way of remedies when she arrived at her destination. It took with her some strong barley water, bananas, and an enema syringe. She found the girl lying across the bed screaming, obviously in agony. First of all my friend administered a warm water enema.
A pint of plain warm water was injected first, and after this had come away as much warm water as could be got in was injected and then allowed to come away. The object of this was to methodically wash out the bowels. Then the barley water was warmed, the bananas mashed, and beaten to cream, with mixed in with the barley water.
A relaxing nutrient lotion was thus prepared, and as much as the patient could bear happily was injected in the bowel and retained as long as possible. The effect was truly magical. The pain subsided, and the patient eventually recovered.
In the absence of completely ripe bananas, baked bananas may be used. But, even though better than no fruit at all, cooked fruit is never as precious as the fresh fruit, if only the latter be absolutely ripe. Bananas should be baked in their skins, and the stringy pieces carefully removed before eating. From twenty minutes to half an hour’s slow cooking is required.
Bananas are exceptional food for anemic persons on account of the iron they contain. A very edible way of taking them is with fresh orange juice. A moderately old-fashioned remedy, for sprained or bruised places that show a propensity to become inflamed is to apply a plaster of banana skin.

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