Baker Lake is located inland, at the mouth of the Thelon River, nearby to the geographic center of Canada. The lake is famous for its arts and craft community. It is 320 km inland from the west coast of the Hudson Bay in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut. Several distinguished studios and artist promoting crafts and arts i.e. Inuit Heritage Centre, Jessie Oonark Center and art galleries. Baker Lake has rich natural resources making significant impact on the economic development of local area. Just like development of Meadowbank gold deposit, has already created several local jobs.

Hence, many more opportunities are increasing in the town at mine site approximately 70 KM from Baker Lake. The area community council vigorously looking training programs for their residents for the assortment of jobs and business. The Baker Lake area has seen main exploration projects in recent years, particularly with gold, uranium and other minerals. 

A number of major rivers, including Thelon, the Kazan, and the Dubawnt, flow into Baker Lake. One can explore the lake shores which tell a tale of early settlement and growth of a community mixing tradition with high technology.

The Baker Lake front is well lined up with several little sheds used by inhabitants to store fishing gear or winter equipment. On the hills above the houses, you will see a large snow fence installed to control drifting in the community itself. There’s the arena and community center, swimming pool, RCMP facilities, post office, schools, colleges and Health Centre. There’s a road winds north via rolling country towards White Hills Lake. It’s a lovely place to hike, and you may spot nesting loons, a peregrine falcon, or caribou. The area at the mouth of the Thelon River has always been an old-style gathering place for Inuit, for summer hunting and fishing.

The numerous groups travelled up the river systems in the area to their winter hunting grounds. The Kazan River, in specific, was also very important as a travel route and for hunting caribou. Several local outfitters proposed trip to see the sights of barren lands. The Baker Lake Hunters and Trappers Organization are licensed to outfit sport hunts to visitors attracted in hunting barren ground caribou and muskoxen. Also Read: Tuz Golu Lake Become Bright Red as Massive Algae Blossom Baker Lake Canada0 Baker Lake Canada2 Baker Lake Canada5 Baker Lake Canada6 Baker Lake Canada7 Baker Lake Canada13 Baker Lake Canada15


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