They’re’s a natural wonder in Iran, called Badab-e Surt situated in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran, 95 KM south of the city of Sari. The Iranian site comprises of wide range of stepped terraces made of travertine, a sedimentary rock shaped more then thousands of years by deposition of carbonate minerals dissolved in water flowing from mineral hot springs.
The beautiful Badab-e Surt’s terraces are made happed due to two distinctive mineral springs with dissimilar natural characteristics, situated at 1,840 meters above sea level. Badab-e-Surt is considered one of the most incredible sights in this region that attracts millions of Iranian and international tourists to it’s eye-catching nature scenery and fine weather.
Therefore; the first spring encompasses very salty water that gathers in a small natural pool, which water is believed to have medicinal properties, particularly as a cure for rheumatism and certain types of skin diseases and skin conditions. The 2nd
spring has a sour taste and is predominately orange. Stepped travertine terraces are present on numerous places on earth.
But the other examples include the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park, the White Water Terraces and Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area both in China, US & New Zealand, but the most renowned of them all is “Pamukkale in Turkey which is tourism hub”.
Nevertheless, different the aforementioned hot spring terraces, which are mostly shades of whites and blues, the travertine terraces of Badab-e Surt are bright orange and red. This is due to the presence of large amounts of iron oxide sediments.
The Orost village and Badab Soort Spring are easily accessible via Semnan with paved way and vehicles being capable of utilizing the dirt roads leading up to the spring. The best time to visit this place is during either sunrise or sunset when the sun’s orange reflection blends in perfectly with the colored spring.
The Badab Soort Spring has been registered as a national heritage site. Due to it’s natural and artificial landmarks in Iran, the Badab Soort Spring was in danger of continuing erosion and eventual demise. But many thanks to the efforts of Lavasan’s Hiking Committee, and Nader Zarrabian. They are working and has been done there job in order to restore the natural atmosphere of the Spring.
However, countless people visit Mazandaran to shed there exhaustion of city life relaxing on the beaches of the Caspian Sea. They are staying in the jungle cottages, off the track sites such as Badab–e-Surt springs. It can also create a lovely memory in the minds of nature lovers who visit northern Iran.
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