Don’t be fooled by cute overload, Baby Sand Cat (Felis Margarita) is a little-known species of desert cats. They live in the harshest deserts of Asia and Africa. They are very comfortable in environments but other wildcats cannot easy to handle. Like the Sahara and Arabian deserts as well as those of Pakistan and Iran.Sand cats looks alike domestic cats, but they are larger and thicker, particularly around the head.


Their ears are wider apart which flattens out when crouching down for the hunt. Fur lines their under-paws and between the toes to protect against the scorching sand. The most unbelievable fact is this cat can go for months without drinking water. Strangely, as a wildcat they are not afraid of humans. This Baby Sand Cat is simply brave and definitely impressive. Also Read: Ovniport ! The UFO Landing Pad in the Desert of Argentina

Originally posted 2015-10-22 20:54:37.


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