If you’re looking for a peaceful calm place to relish your summer vacation then you should plan your journey to Angra Dos Reis a convenient yet exclusive destination to relax. These islands are the most prominent tourist attraction in Brazil for local and global visitors. Lush vegetation and the emerald waters can be explored with your private boat. Building on the raw and unmatched potential of these islands to seduce.
It is Blue Parallel that makes the experience memorable with our closely unlimited capability to deliver luxuries, activities, amenities, and local guides; all designed and planned exactly for you. Apart from the town, Angra dos Reis is well comprised of 365 beautiful islands and two thousand beaches filled with natural beauty, legends, and social events.
To know very well this part of the Fluminense Green Coast, one should be traveled by boat, being able to understand the crystalline waters, and the mansions of the rich and famed erected on private islands.
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