I’m sure, you’d be huge fans of creative t-shirts in all their shapes and forms, but even we were astonished by the sweet-but-nasty secret hidden in this awesome t-shirt’s breast pocket. The simple t-shirt was designed by Ripndip, a skateboarding apparel label that has a mischievous cat mascot named Lord Nermal. Most of the LA-based company’s designs have been drawn by a NY artist named Jayme Lemperle. This is such a cute idea to gather T-Shirt market share.


t-shirt-cat-showing-middle-finger-raw__605 Hidden-Pocket-Cat-T-Shirt-With-A-Surprise-1__605 t-shirt-cat-showing-middle-finger-ripndip-2 t-shirt-cat-showing-middle-finger-ripndip-4


Originally posted 2015-03-14 14:45:49.


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