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We are just weeks away from the start of the biggest holiday season of the year. Perhaps you have already booked your flight, packed your clothes, planned out your itinerary, and are looking forward to an exciting time. But have you taken care of the airport transfers?

As you likely already know, addressing the details is the key to minimizing disruption during your vacation. Yet, getting your airport transfer right takes more than simply booking one on Jayride. Check out these tips on how to successfully plan your airport transfers.

1.    Get a Fixed Price

Working with a fixed price is important especially if you are traveling to a different country where things could be done differently than they are back home. Without a fixed price in place, an airport transfer company may fail to mention that the price does not include parking, waiting, night driving, and more.

Don’t take chances. Find out from the get-go if the price includes all costs associated with the transfer.

2.    Check the Dates

This is a surprisingly common mistake in long-haul flights. It is possible for one to assume that their departure date is the same as their arrival date when, in fact, they are arriving the next day due to time differences.

At any given time, there are drivers waiting at airports somewhere around the world when their clients are actually arriving the following day. Check your dates so that you do not inconvenience yourself nor your airport transfer service either.


3.    Get a Booking Confirmation

Irrespective of where you are traveling to in the world, you should be able to initiate and complete your airport transfer booking online. One of the advantages of doing that is you get a booking confirmation on the website as well as by email.

When you receive the confirmation email, go through the details to establish that everything is correct. The booking confirmation is crucial as it is the record you can go back to in case anything goes wrong when you arrive at the airport.

4.    Turn On Your Phone

You will likely be required to share your mobile number when booking the airport transfer – and for good reason. It makes it easier to coordinate with the driver once you arrive. Of course, this only works if your phone is on.

Airports can be chaotic spaces, and it’s not uncommon for passengers to not know where to meet their driver. Having a means of direct communication is bound to make the entire process better coordinated and less stressful for everyone involved.

5.    Ask Away

Most airport transfer drivers are happy to help where they can. So when you want or need something small done that was not part of the original booking, don’t hesitate to ask.

For example, in your rush to leave the airport, you may have missed an opportunity to have a comfort break. If you still feel you require one, talk to the driver and see if they would be open to it. Most won’t mind these unplanned stops as long as they don’t have to wait too long.

6.    Provide Feedback

You don’t have to give feedback on your experience with an airport transfer service, but it’s a good idea to do so. Whether it was good or bad, let them know.

If it was good, the feedback will be a sign that clients are taking note of their high-quality service and will encourage them to stay the course. On the other hand, if it wasn’t satisfactory, you will be giving them the opportunity to make things better.

7.    Enjoy the Ride

Signing up for an airport transfer service is a means of easing your arrival and departure. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. You are in the hands of a local expert so give them the space to get transfer stress off your shoulders.

Maybe you want to engage in conversation with the driver. Or perhaps you prefer to keep to yourself throughout the trip. A professional airport transfer driver will understand that they need to move in step with your preferences.

Plan Better, Transfer Better

Travelers routinely struggle with airport transfers. But that’s often because they do not plan for them properly beforehand, or only sought an airport transfer service as an afterthought. Airport transfers are most enjoyable when they are planned carefully and in advance. Your transfer is often the first part of your vacation, so use these tips to have fun and enjoy your time away!

7 Things To Do To Enjoy Your Airport Transfers
7 Things To Do To Enjoy Your Airport Transfers


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