Well, more than one year, I’ve been to places away from the hustle and bustle city and taken pictures of Hong Kong’s natural scenery, the wholesome, natural side of Hong Kong. These thousands of pictures have been turned into this time-lapse video. I want to display that we can still find this wonderful natural scenery such as sunrise, sunset, starry nights and even clouds in our Hong Kong. Indeed it is very sadly, upon the ever rising demands of urban developments, it’d be really a question of seeing such stunning natural scenery of Hong Kong in the future.


Just as the lead-in “What is depleting is not the shutter but time” of my new publication “The Lovely Hong Kong Seen by Me” says, I won’t mind killing the shutter of my camera, as long as I can capture things that I see today as a review in the future.

Licensed Music: Saturn by Sleeping at Last
Equipment: EOS 5D2, EOS 6D with several EF lens
Motion Control Unit: Skyler Linear Tracker 1.2m

Big thanks: Gitzo HK, Skyler, Columbia
Special thanks: Phoenix TV

Edited and available in Cinema 4K and UHD.

Contact: fb.com/franso

4K / UHD “Seen By My Eyes”, Hong Kong Time-lapse from Francis So on Vimeo.



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