This vigorous twining vine is unusual because it blooms profusely in later summer, usually August. The flowers are 6 inch clusters, usually greenish white, sometimes pinkish. It has many uses in the landscape because it not only provides a dense screen in a hurry you can have a sizable vine within two years. But it is attractive too. It is a good vine to shade an arbor because it is deciduous and will let the sun in when winter comes. It is a heavy vine that needs plenty of room and a strong support, but its vigor should not be a problem with regular pruning.

Though the vine blooms best in full sun it will tolerate partial shade. It is not fussy about soil, though a moderately fertile sandy loam is best. It is drought tolerant and has no serious pests. It may die back in winter in colder zones, and dead growth should be removed in spring. Where dieback does not occur the vine may be pruned back fairly hard in fall or winter and will then bloom profusely on new wood. Propagate by division stem cuttings or from seed.silverlaceflower

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