Mobile Wooden Shelter is the Idea of Live in Harmony with Nature


Well, you might already be familiar with the term “Glamping” or stylish camping that provides you with the facilities of home while you are in the wilderness. The Soul Box by the studio Allergutendinge does just this with their mobile, wooden shelter. You can submerge yourself in peaceful views of nature and have a sound sleep under a sturdy roof at the same time. Actually soul box is a minimalist, beautiful two-storey building that features contains a kitchen and bed on the lower floor with a viewing platform on the upper one. The impressive bed is set at a mid-height and meant as both a place to sleep and a step towards the top. When once upstairs, the roof unlocks to let sunlight and a pleasant breeze in, letting for peaceable contemplation. Similarly, the front of the structure also folds down to make a slight patio. Allergutendinge’s sense of inspiration for Soul Box came from “the dream of Arcadia,” which is the hint of an imaginary, pleasurable glory where you live in accord with nature. Of course, we must sooner or later return to our normal lives, and the designers planned for this. The wood frame construction can be disassembled to transport back home. 1 2 3 4 5 6