The eye-catching long-tailed broadbill (Psarisomus dalhousiae) is a species of broadbill that is normally found in the Himalayas, extending east through Northeastern India to Southeast Asia. The long-tailed broadbill is the only bird in the genus Psarisomus. The size of long-tailed broadbill is about 10 inches in length and weighs between 50 and 60 grams. This colorful bird can be identified by its shrill call.

The long-tailed broadbill is a forest bird that lives on insects. This bird is very sociable and usually travels in large, make noisy parties except during the mating season. It builds a pear-shaped nest in a tree. However, the female habitually lays between 5 and 6 eggs that are incubated by both sexes; and both sexes also help to feed the young. Most birders with Long-tailed Broadbill on their target list won’t be disappointed as it is surely the most widespread bird amongst the top ten most wanted birds of Thailand. Source: Wikipedia


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