Lamium is an excellent ground cover for shade. Because the common name is often given as “spotted dead nettle” far too unattractive a little for this low growing carpet of leaves with a stripe down the middle that can be white, yellow, red or silver. Lamium is evergreen from Zone 6 south. Even in Zone 5, where I one live, they persist well into the winter. The erect flower clusters are long blooming, lasting from late spring to midsummer, and can be reddish purple, pink, or whit depending on variety. “Album” has white flowers and white marked leaves; “Beacon Silver” has pink flowers and silvery leaves. If you set out a little nursery grown pot of lamium in spring, you will have a lamium carpet by fall, and the following year you will perhaps be able to pen your own lamium nursery with which to supply all your friends. It spreads rapidly by above ground runners and is hardy to Zone 4.

How to Grow Lamium

Here if you want to grow lamium in part or full shade if possible but if the site is very sunny make sure the soil has plenty of moisture. Other than that lamium seems to have no special requirements and is easily propagated by division, cuttings or seed. If you do not want to open a lamium nursery, and it is crowding other plants, shear in midsummer to promote more compact growth.3 1

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