I have an obsession with birds of late. Some of you will say its feathers. I think this is one of best snowy egret for theme, and I am hoping that someone posts that big yellow one from Sesame Street. You might enjoy these great themes with excellent curators! Themes and hashtags are not necessarily about getting more attention, but are a valuable indexing method, which help others find relevant posts via click able links as well as a great way to meet like-minded people.

I tend to only encourage those themes with active, caring curators. This Egret is not only striking but his expression seems sad and at the same time bored. Looks like wonder “and now what can we do”? The picture of this Egret is extremely beautiful. One of fan of this image says; It’s almost like Lorelay standing on the rock, with her elegant long hair and far behind on the blue water the boatman look at her and then their boats smashed, because they were distracted by her beauty and now also distracted by the beauty of your image. What a beauty and with that wonderful blue water in the background, he really pops out.


Source: Robin Griggs

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