Former famous Naxal leader, political and social activist T.N. Joy embraced Islam and announced his new name “Najmul”. I’m reverting to Islam is my way to protest against the increasing religious fascism against Muslims. Now I’ve decided to change my name from Joy to Najmal. Well, at the time of religious fascism, I’m resigning from the religion into which I was born. I dream of a society where such religious conversions are not news. TN Joy announced his decision through a Facebook post Monday 13, April 2015. “The process is not over. I welcome your comments,” the post said. As part of his struggle against the casteism, my father gave me the name Joy and I am taking it further. I have taken the name “Najmal N Babu”. These days, fascist tail has grown to all Hindus after the demolition of Babri Masjid. Muslims in the country are feeling threatened. He has not decided to join any Muslim organization. Joy was the leader of the Naxalite movement in 1970s and was arrested during Emergency. He was an active presence in many agitations, including Kiss of Love, in Kochi.

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