Patric Marsili design a very innovate and sustainable dome with modern and contemporary touching by using wooden materials which is called as the Solaleya Dome Home in 1988. The futuristic design of the dome has two benefits. Though mortgages fresh profile, characteristic, and also make a detailed study of the factors pressing on a roll at home. The common characteristics of the window, that bright, sun-drenched course will enable indoor use. On the basis of the building lets the mechanical structure, which is 360 degrees, turn maximizes the absorption of solar light solar panels on the ceiling. Almost 90% of the house was built with FSC-certified wood, and the structure of the isolated tubes Green. The interior is mostly wood, with sloping walls and a contemporary design idea centers around the fireplace from floor to ceiling. These robust domes have been tested for Category five hurricanes and earthquakes up to magnitude 8 on the scale of MSK.00019c73_big 00019c72_big 00019c76_big 00019c7a_big 00019c79_big 00019c78_big 00019c77_big

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