Vivint Solar, request me to direct a commercial for them. Then we put together with a big plan. I got a diesel/solar powered Mercedes and asked two of my friends Kenny Styles (filmmaker) and Jac Scott (photographer) to come on the road trip of a lifetime all over the west coast. The journey lasted ten days and we drove more than 3,000 miles. When we started the journey we really weren’t sure where the story was headed but by the end it was pretty obvious. Moreover i want to give a special thanks to Jac Scott and Kenny Styles for collaging with me on this project. I teamed up with my buddies Daniel Petersen and Steve Pedersen again and they composed the music. Russ Lasson did a splendid job with the vibrant color. Micah Young and Rich Patch at Universal Post, were a big support also. I also want to thank for the opportunity to make this movie.

Director: MP Cunningham

Camera: MP Cunningham and Kenny Styles

Composer: Daniel Petersen & Steve Pedersen

Colorist: Russ Lasson

Photographer: Jac Scott

Earth Powered from MP Cunningham on Vimeo.

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