This amazing Tree house is built around two large oak trees; the Tree house djuren was made as a relaxed retreat for a family on a wooded property in northern Germany. This lovely Tree House is constructed by designer Baumraum. The house features includes an eye-catching, egg-shaped silhouette book-ended by two oval windows and a glossy white facade. The balance of its modern exterior is a beautiful combination of wood and zinc metal, which provides small structure a minimalist feel as its supported by four steel rods.

Therefore; the convenient and inviting interior space includes sleeping benches well covered in gray felt set against medium-colored wood planks. Moreover; there’re ample of windows that gives gorgeous, unobstructed views of the treetops and bathes you in natural light. To reach the getaway, you’ve to climb two ship ladders that are separated by upper and lower wooden decks. The trees pierce the terraces and bear their weight, which sits as high as 18 feet. Similar to the other three houses you must admire before, this small dwelling offers a fanciful escape from the outside world.97 98 99 100 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 1045Source: My Modernmet & Beautiful Life

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