Brooklyn based artist Orly Genger, comes to Manhattan with a multicolor installation of hand knotted nautical rope covered in paint. The beautiful work features is to converting the park’s lawns into colorfully-lined chambers. This remarkable installation comprises of 1.4 million feet of rope which length equating to approximately 20 times the length of Manhattan covered in over 3,000 gallons of paint, and weighing over 100,000 pounds.

The vivid colors like, Red, Yellow and Blue are re-purposed rope collected from hundreds of miles up and down the Eastern seaboard, bringing elements of the coastline to the urban setting of Madison Square Park. Along with, three separate structures of layered rope shaped on-site by the artist will redefine the landscape of the park, producing interactive environments that will invite adults and children alike to explore both exposed and hidden spaces, encouraging them to navigate and experience Madison Square Park. The visitors can really enjoy the artistic abilities.34321 34322 34323 34324 34325 34326 34327 34328 34329 34330 34331 34332 34333 34334 34335 34336 34337

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