92 Years old Grandmother Share Amazing Embroidered Artwork of Temari


NanaAkua is Japanese graphic designer & illustrator; she uploaded amazing 468 embroidery pictures in 2009 of her then 88 years old grandmother made in 30 years of time.  Her grandmother practices a folk art of Temari also called Hand ball in Japanese, the art which was introduced to Japan by China around seventh century A.D. The history tells us Temari, are highly valued gift, mainly symbolizing deep friendship and loyalty. The vibrant colors of threads normally used which are symbolic wishing the recipient a brilliant and happy life. In past, embroidery work is highly challenging and complicated to understand, and if you’re really interested in trying it out or learning further there’s a great step by step tutorial guide at instructables.com, moreover alternative step by step guide also available at temari.com. You can see here some of wonderful sampling of lovely temari balls. If you are really interested more pictures, then you view at flickr.com.

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